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Wearing Tips for Beanies to Add Vibe and Style

Check Your Hair Style When Choosing Knit Hats

If you’re going to wear any beanies, you might find a few pairs with frayed edges and corners since a little tat crafting cross-lacing will prevent a disintegration upon combing and tugging.

When choosing beanies when you have Patterned hair, i.e. dreadlocks or thick natural hair, choose a darker hat with a heavier fabric (e.g. fleece) if you plan to wear it in the winter. A black knit hat will hide your face and actually look rather dorky. A dark brown hat will not do well if you’re going to wear it in the snow with the possibility of white powder (dead skin) resulting from frostbite.

When rocking a funky-chic hairstyle, be on the lookout for knit hat patterns that are visibly different, like those of a bird or snake, rather than something smooth like a standard hat. You can pull off some of the edgier styles for the summer months, relaxing round-and-cut rather than sleek and smooth.

When you’re a funky chick and like the music of The appreciation of music (am boogie, blue roses, etc.), funky-chic style, you may wish to employ a few edgier than smooth hair management styles than those usually employed for a more serious look.

A bit of a free spirit might try multi-colored hats or ones with patterns and interesting accents like seed beads or a bowl of fruit. Free-spirited like you means confidence and can show you off in advance. While note that plain beanies never go well with edgier styles, it’s not impossible to pull the look off.

Pay Attention to Color Choice

what beanies to wear with different hair colorThe color of your beanie is important, too. Dark, dark colors are best for people with dark skin; light-skinned folks should wear dark colors.

Try beanies in a hick, charcoal gray and beige are good bets. A lighter-skinned hue won’t fare as well, so make sure that you test out a few hats and find out which one works best with your skin tone.

A safari-type hat works with almost everyone. To be really safe, stay away from hats with metallic connotations since rolled up sleeves make the skin of the wearer look very hairy (just ask dermatologists).

Brown is softer, yet still masculine enough. Soft, white skin is often hidden beneath brown hats. Tan skin sometimes becomes more prominent, and balancing the darkness with a bright color is sometimes more flattering, e.g. white, cream, bone, or ivory. A black skin will look excellent with even the darkest browns.

Stick to a single hue with solid color shirts, pants, and jackets. Different hues can be used to make your outfit less obvious and more flattering. Unrelated colors will be distracting to the eyes. And never wear more than one hat at a time for the same reason.

Choose Suitable Clothe

To modernize your outfit style with beanies, replace your dated leisurewear with updated alternatives that freshen up your image. Check out new offerings at your favorite clothier for the latest in printed fabrics and embroidered fabrics. Also, replace your sneakers with wedges. Be sure to give silk a try for those formal occasions.

Your accessories should also upgrade with your outfits. A simple change of shoes can be all it takes to prove that you’re ahead of the curve. Low-heeled pumps to kitten heels work wonders for shortening the appearance of your legs and can be worn with tasteful apparel.

Otherwise, try flats for casual lounging. For women, give your hair a more relaxed look by donning a ponytail or a bun. Of course, bracelets, rings, and earrings are interchangeable with the season’s crop of cocktail jewelry.

Cowboy boots, a loincloth, and a good jacket are the must-have additions to any wardrobe. And finally, shuffle out everything from your bedroom floor- Brazillian flip-style.