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7 Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Pedestal Gaming Chair

Anyone who has ever played a video game will tell you this; comfort is everything. Nothing ruins your gaming high as badly as constantly having to pause your game and shift your position due to discomfort.

A gaming chair is an essential thing to have when spending prolonged hours on a game. But a gaming chair isn’t just for comfort. A gaming chair needs to provide ergonomic support for your spinal column, free it from strain and stress.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Pedestal Gaming ChairThe pedestal gaming chair is an ideal chair for gamers. Combining the features of a swivel, a recliner, and a rocker chair, it rests on a pedestal base instead of legs since it’s slightly raised. The pedestal base allows it to rock and rotate. Like a recliner, the pedestal gaming chair can tilt and lounge to a gamer’s requirements.

The question then is; how do you choose the best pedestal gaming chair for you?

1. What material is the chair made of?

When choosing a chair, quality is important. Having to switch every so often isn’t an efficient solution for the use of your time.

A good indicator of quality is the frame of the chair. The best frames are made of durable steel. Wood and plastic frames are available, but they are less likely to hold up over time.

When choosing a gaming chair, consider the fabric used. You’ll need one that is easy to clean, fade resistant, soft to touch and sturdy. The most commonly used fabrics are leather, nylon, polyester, mesh fabrics, etc.

Also, it’s worth it to consider is the upholstery of the chair. It plays a major role in the comfort provided by the gaming chair and its ability to withstand wear and tear. High-density cushion, velour foam, cold-cured foam, etc., provided different levels of coziness and durability. The breathability of the cushions is also an important aspect to be considered. If the cushioning can’t dissipate heat quickly, it will become uncomfortable very quickly.

2. How is the chair structured?

As mentioned previously, the chair needs to do more than provide comfort.

A gaming chair should be able to distribute your weight evenly and support your body such that blood flow is not constricted to any areas.

To prevent backaches and spinal injuries, the chair must have a high, curved backrest and adjustable features capable of supporting your back and lumbar region that can fit the curvature of your spine.

Also, you must consider the recommended weight and height specifications. Getting one suitable for your height and weight is important and, if you’re unsure, check them with the seller to make sure you’re in the correct range of weight and height.

Getting a chair that provides maximum comfort is ideal for any gamer. Having to stand up and stretch out a sore back or numb limbs is a huge detriment to any gaming experience.

3. How big is the chair?

Given that gaming chair is going to spend a lot of time in your place of residence, it must first fit in. Size is also not just about fitting the chair in your room. The ideal gaming chair should fit your body and leave enough room for smooth movements.

4. What customization options are available?

It’s almost impossible to find a stock gaming chair that will meet all the requirements you need. So, the ability to customize your gaming chair is important. Would you prefer to adjust the height of the chair or use the reclining feature?

Armrest options are very important to gamers. Good support for your wrists allows you faster reaction times, and that increases your gaming skill. Of course, if you don’t need armrests altogether, some gaming chairs afford you the option of removing the armrests without needlessly disassembling the chair.

Others feature a locking mechanism which is ideal when you’re focused on playing a game, and you don’t need the chair moving.

5. Is the chair console/PC compatible?

When acquiring a gaming chair for your console or PC, then getting a chair with features that can work in sync with your console or PC is important.

Many chairs for console gaming integrate with consoles in very interesting ways. Some come with USB ports to charge controllers on the chair, and others come with built-in speakers that will play sounds from the console directly to you. Motion compatibility to rock, tilt, shake, turn and vibrate your chair in time with what’s happening in the game also exist but features like that usually only come at a premium, so it might not be for those on a strict budget.

The purpose of this is to create an environment of gaming that fuels your passion for making you a better gamer and increasing the amount of fun you have.

6. How cool does this chair look?

Don’t pass this off as mere vanity! Confidence in your gaming skills stem from a lot of factors, and one of those factors is your gaming chair. If you’re about to settle into a competitive game or launch into a speedrun, having a gaming chair that looks awesome will maximize your confidence and push you to better achievements in your video games.

7. Is this within my budget?

But what you need and avoid the extraneous that you don’t. It’s not a good idea to spend too much on a gaming chair, especially if you end up purchasing a chair with features you don’t need. Making a reasoned choice based on your specifications and what you consider reasonable is the best thing to do when making a choice on gaming chairs.


Just because a gaming chair is made for gamers doesn’t mean only gamers can and should use them. If you…

•Are an office worker looking to boost your productivity
•work from home and spend a lot of time seated
•suffer from back pains
•Need extra support when sitting down
•Have mobility issues or
•Want more comfort when seated…

…then a gaming chair is ideal for you.