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8 Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Electric Hot Water Heater

With the development of technology, there are so many brands of electric hot water heaters available in the market. Each and every company include their own special features of which they believe are essential for their intended customers. To some extent, this can be advantageous because you will always have various options to choose from whenever you want to buy an electric water heater.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Electric Hot Water Heater

On the other hand, it can be very difficult for someone who wants to buy the water heaters for the first time because they may not really know what to look for. Do not worry. This article will answer most of your questions.

Things to consider when choosing the best electric hot water heater

1. Water Heater Type

Your primary needs can actually help you to get the best water heater. One of the major factors that should come into your mind is the type of water heater you are buying. In most cases, you will find four main types; storage tank, Tankless or on-demand, point-of-use or utility and mobile home. If you need hot water that will keep running in your sinks or bathroom, then you should check for storage tank heater. Tankless water heater allows you to heat the water whenever you need to use it. In a case where you are having a mobile home, then go for mobile home water heaters.

2. Capacity

You may have made a decision to buy an electric hot water heater that uses a tank. You need to ask yourself the gallons of water it’s capable of carrying. Try to calculate the demand for water in your family and look for something that will meet all your demands. If you go for a larger tank which can hold more gallons of water that the amount which your family can consume, then you will be risking paying too many electrical bills. If you may have 2 people in your family, then a tank that can hold 30 gallons is best for you. If you are more than 5, then look for one with a holding capacity of 80 gallons.

3. What space do you have in your room?

There is a standard heater that can perfectly feet in your home. But if you may have limited space or excess space that you have allocated for the water heater, then focus on the breadth and width. Short water hitter is always wide and can hold the same amount of water as the standard heater. They can have 30-49Inches which allow you to position them where upward space is limited. On the other hand, there are also tall water heaters that can be positioned in areas where the height of the room is not limited. They hold about 100 gallons of water and ranges between 50-76 inches

4. Check the Energy Factor

If you are going to be environmentally friendly or you wish to minimize the amount t of energy your water heater uses, then think about a water heater designed with the highest energy factor(EF) in most cases, Tankless water heater is designed with the highest EF which help to save electricity bills. If you have the money you wish to spend on something good, the look for an electric hot water heater rated as Energy Star®. They are approved and are environmentally friendly. Actually the higher the EF, the higher the efficiency of your water heater.

5. Find out the water flow rate

If you are really determined to purchase a Tankless water heater, then you still have one more task to execute. As much as you believe, you will never run out of the water, know that when the water flow rate is low, then you will get the hot water whenever you need it. Determine how many gallons of water you can obtain from the tank in a minute. You can use this data to calculate the amount of water you will be expecting g from your sink, bathroom in any other place. Then go online and look for the water flow rate. If you pick a good one, well you are safe and your house will never run out of water.

6. Warranty of the water heater

There are so many reasons as to why you should consider this factor when buying an electric hot water heater. Imagine you have just ordered a new item and 3 weeks down the line, it fails to work. Are you willing to pay for the repair cost when the problem doesn’t seem to be yours? Do not make mistakes. Look for the company that offers the water heater with a long warranty period. If you have a problem with your heater within the warranty period, you can simply alert them and their repair/maintenance team will solve your problem without risking your money.

7. Wi-Fi Capabilities

You need to be focused on using items that are a little bit more digital. You should not be the only one to use the analog water heaters. Most of the water heaters that are designed today have an inbuilt WI-FI feature. This helps you connect it to your devices and simply control what happens with your heater by using your phone.

8. Other features to consider

After you have ascertained that your targeted water heater meets all the specifications highlighted above, it’s time for you to focus on these other features which will prove to be very helpful for you.

• Timers. This feature can be used in situations when you want to minimize the use of your electricity. You can simply set it in such a way that the heat will use the electricity at the indicated time. Don’t choose a water heater that can allow you to take control of your electricity.

• Water alarms. This feature gives you control over your water heater and alerts you whenever there is a problem. Water from your tank may overflow and make your home to be flooded. But with a water alarm, you will receive an audio notification whenever there is any water leakage or overflow.

• Water Heater Pans. Do not make it hard for your plumber when installing your water heater tank. You can choose one that has Water Heater Pan. The pan is normally placed below the tank and help to collect overflow and leeks from your tank. You can drain the water away using its opening which is situated on the side of the pan.


With the information provided above, you can easily make the right choice whenever you go to but electric hot water heaters. Do not focus on the cost because it may mislead. A good electric hot water heater will always serve you’re the rest of your day. Enjoy your shopping.