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7 Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Ceiling Fans For Large Rooms

Ceiling fans have become an integral part of the current homes, playing both roles of decoration as well as controlling temperatures. With an effective ceiling fan installed in your home, you will enjoy low temperatures during hot summer while warming your home during the winter season for minimized energy bills. Though the process of selecting the ideal fan for your home might sound simple, you will be amazed to find that there is more to it. This will even be more complicated when looking for ceiling fans for large or extensive living spaces.

Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Ceiling Fans For Large Rooms

Things to consider when choosing the best ceiling fans for large rooms

1. The ceiling fan lighting accessories

The second thing you need to consider when looking for a ceiling fan for large rooms is the lighting system. Large fans with lights bring a sense of style, warmth, and brightness to the living space. Depending on your budget, there is a wide range of selections at your disposal. You can opt to go for the long pull chain if your ceiling is high. Besides, you can purchase fun with timer control, one with electroplated finishes, automatic or one fitted with manual color changing mechanism. The ceiling fans with LED light intensity adjustment have increased energy efficiency and possess longer lifespan. You can as well set a different mood in your room by purchasing a large fan with dimmable LED light bulbs. Finally, you can choose to go for a ceiling fan without lights if your room has already a well-fitted lighting system.

2. The ceiling fan motor

The motor can be defined as the heart of the fan for it determines the airflow and efficiency of the ceiling fan. It clearly makes the difference between a great fan and an inefficient one. When purchasing a ceiling fan especially for large rooms, you need to ensure that its motor is technologically advanced and in good condition. You need a motor that does not make noise when in operation. Also, your fun should be equipped with a motor that moves at great speed for optimal circulation of air. Such a device will make your fun to be energy efficient by consuming lesser energy than ordinary fans.

3. Blade material and finish

Choosing to the right material for the blade of your ceiling fan is of great importance. Normally, the blades can be made of wood, plastic or metallic materials. As well, the blade finish should be emphasized to ensure that it matches with the room colors for optimal room décor. When choosing blades for your room, you also need to evaluate whether you come from a moisture prone zone. If you are home is on a coastal line, you should choose blades with a rust-proof finish. This will give your ceiling fan a longer life span.

4. The actual size of your room

Essentially, different ceiling fans are designed to work well in different room sizes. Choosing the right room-sized fan will help you to avoid such instances as having a fan that does not circulate adequate airflow to cool off your room. Before leaving your home, take the actual dimensions of the rooms and record them properly. You need to look for a fan whose blade span will match your room’s square footage as well as height. If you choose a ceiling fan that is larger than the room space, you will be wasting a lot of energy. On the other hand, a smaller ceiling fan than the square footage of your room will struggle to circulate air across the house.

5. Intended style and decorations in your home

When looking for the ideal ceiling fan for a large living space, you need to take into consideration the style of decoration in your room. There are many designs of large ceiling fans to choose from and meant for people with different tastes. For instance, if you would like to boost your modern décor, you should opt for a large fan with a sleek of simple design and furnished with rectangular blades. If you would like to give your home a traditional touch, pick an oversized ceiling fan featuring a bowl-style light with round blades made of wood.

6. Energy efficiency

With escalating cost of living, you will not want to invest in a ceiling fan that will make things worse than they are right now. You will definitely be looking for appliances that will offer you substantial energy savings when it comes to settling your monthly electricity bills. When looking for the ideal ceiling fan for your big room, ensure that you go for the environmentally friendly designs that have the ability to cut power consumption by more than 50% while serving you optimally. You can also opt for the high airflow fans for they circulate more air and consume less energy than the normal fans.

7. The control system

Most fans will provide you with a basic pull chain control system that adjusts the speed and lighting of the ceiling fan. However, there are other forms of controlling your fan such as remote and the wall control systems. The type of control system should be on the top of the list among the things to consider when choosing the best ceiling fans for large rooms.

First, you can choose a remote controlled ceiling fan. This one is the most convenient of all options for it can be operated within a range of 30-50 foot range. It is ideal for fans placed on hard to reach areas as well as high ceiling fans. Secondly, you can opt for the wall control system that allows you to operate the direction, speed and lighting of the ceiling fan by the press of a button making it suitable for families with little kids. The third form of control system you can opt for is the pull chain. This one is ideal for rooms with low traffic such as a guest room.

These are some of the key things you need to consider when looking for the best ceiling fan for large rooms. Having the right fan installed in your home guarantees cool breeze and optimal air circulation in the rooms. You will be able to regulate the atmosphere in your master bedroom, living room or any other expansive area in your house with ease while having your home décor elevated at the same time.