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Is A Basketball Hoop Really Worth Buying? Why?

If you’re like many homeowners, you didn’t stop at just becoming a homeowner. You’re always on the prowl for home improvement projects that let you take further ownership of your property. No matter how much you loved your home when you first moved in, a steady stream of enhancements and upgrades is not just ideal but necessary. These home improvement projects can help you make your home a place that better suits you and your family in terms of the things that you want, they can also help you update your home for your changing needs and even take advantage of new ideas, trends, and developments, particularly in the area of technology.

basketball hoops

Most of these home improvements are going to happen inside your home, but some happen outside. As you drive through your neighborhood every day on the way to work, run errands, or visit family and friends, you likely spot basketball hoops at some homes around you. Some might be on their own pole at the end of a driveway. Others might be portable stands that can be moved around as need be, and there will be some that are just mounted on the side of a home or the front of a garage. When you see these, you might start wondering if a basketball hoop is really worth buying? If so, why?

There are many reasons why a basketball hoop is really worth buying. The big reason why is simply if you have anyone in your home that enjoys playing basketball. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have to be someone that plays, but just anyone that loves shooting hoops.

It works out well for kids, as it gives them an activity to do outside. Sunshine, fresh air, and exercise are all great things for growing bodies, compared to all the screen time they likely get on various electronics. Siblings can play one on one against each other for friendly competition, and kids from around the block can even join them to help their social skills and have a chance to make friends.

Even adults stand to benefit. Office workers might get very little time outdoors, much less physical activity. For that matter, a parent playing basketball with his or her son or daughter can be a bonding experience that makes memories in a narrow window that won’t be long open, as kids grow and move on to their adult lives.

The only case where getting one is possibly not a great idea is if you’re looking for anything that might boost your home value prior to going on the market. Personal touches like that don’t help potential homebuyers envision themselves in your home, and they might even worry about errant shots or passes having done damage to windows or a garage door. Unless your real estate agent tells you firmly that the local market buyers are looking for such a feature, it’s better to avoid messing up the walls or paint job installing one on your home just trying to improve the resale value.

In nearly every other case, it’s worth doing. A basketball hoop is really worth buying if anyone in your home has love of the game and wants to play or get better.